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GCSE Maths Revision (Intermediate)

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How to use this site for revision:
  1. Do the diagnostic test for one part of the preliminary course
  2. Revision the sections you got wrong
  3. Test yourself on the Acid Tests
  4. Re-revise sections as appropriate
  5. Repeat this process for rest of the preliminary and main courses
Note: Questions numbers in the diagnostic tests correspond to the numbers in the first column of each table. So Question 1 on the Preliminary Number & Algebra Diagnostic Test corresponds to iNA1.

Preliminary Topics for Intermediate Students
Diagnostic Test
Diagnostic Test Answers
iNA12a 2dOrder Positive and Negative Whole Numbers and Decimals
iNA23aUse Place Value to Multiply/Divide by 10's & to work out Simple Calculations
iNA32aRound Large Numbers to the Nearest 10, 100, or 1000
iNA41dEstimate Answers to Basic Sums
iNA53aReverse Calculations including using Number Machines
iNA64aCalculate with Exchange and Conversion Rates
iNA74aUse Division to Solve Value for Money & Simple Ratio Style Problems
iNA83bUse BODMAS to Calculate Simple Sums
iNA92bUse Index Form & Understand the Words Square, Positive Square Root & Cube
iNA103cWrite a Fraction as a Decimal and Visa-Versa
Extra: Know which fractions written as decimals terminate
iNA113cWrite Fractions or Decimals as %'s and Vice-Versa
iNA123cWrite X as a Fraction of Y
iNA133cCalculate the Fraction and % of an Amount
iNA142cOrder Fractions & Find a Fraction In-Between two Fractions
iNA155aSimplify Simple Expressions using Letters
iNA165dSimple Substitutions into Formula
iNA171fGenerate Simple Algebraic Expressions from Word Problems or from Patterns
iNA186bWrite down Coordinates including Midpoints using Positive/Negative Numbers
Your Turn & Acid Test Answers
Diagnostic Test
Diagnostic Test Answers
iSS12a 2bCalculate Angles on Straight Lines, at Points, in 's & involving Parallel Lines
iSS22cKnow the Properties of the Quadrilaterals
iSS34aKnow the Metric/Imperial Approximate Conversions
iSS43bRecognise Lines of Symmetry and Calculate Orders of Rotational Symmetry
iSS54dCalculate Area of Rectangles, Parallelograms, Triangles & Trapeziums
iSS64dCalculate Area and Circumference of Circles
iSS72dCalculate Angles in Polygons
iSS82h 4bConstruct Triangles and Regular Polygons (from inscribed circles)
iSS92iDraw Front, Plan and Elevation Views of 3-D Shapes
iSS102iDraw Nets of 3-D Shapes
iSS112bExplain Basic Geometric Facts
Your Turn & Acid Test Answers
Diagnostic Test
Diagnostic Test Answers
iHD14aDraw Pie Charts
iHD24aDraw Stem and Leaf Diagrams
iHD34dSimple Probabilities & the Probability of an event NOT occurring
Your Turn & Acid Test Answers

Main Course for Intermediate Students
Diagnostic Test
Diagnostic Test Answers
NA12aCalculate Highest Common Factors & Least Common Multiples
NA22a 3aKnow What a Prime Number is & Write Whole Numbers as the Product of Primes
NA33aCalculate with Negative Numbers with & without a Calculator using +-
NA45a 5gSubstitute Numbers into a Formula
NA52b 5d 3aKnow & Use the Index Laws (for Numbers and Letters)
NA63hRound to a Given Number of Significant Figures
NA72b 3h 3m 3rWrite Numbers in Standard Index Form & Understand the Calculator Display
NA83f 2fi) Simplify Ratio ii) Divide a Quantity in a Given Ratio
NA93dCalculate with Fractions with & without a calculator using +-
NA123e 3j 3k 3tSolve Simple % Problems and Compound Interest Problems
NA133e 3j 3sSolve Reverse Percentage Problems
NA143l 5hSolve Direct Proportion Problems
NA165bExpand Brackets i) Single ii) Double
NA175bFactorise Expressions i) Linear ii) Quadratic
NA195eSet Up Simple Equations (Linear)
NA205e 5fSolve Simple Equations (Linear) i) Basic ii) with Brackets iii) 'Over One' Equations
NA215gChange the Subject of a Formula i) Basic
ii) where the Power of the Subject Appears & Equations iii) where the Subject occurs Twice
NA225jSolve Simple Linear Inequalities
NA235jSolve Several Linear Inequalities in Two Variables & find the Solution Set
NA246aContinue Common Sequences
NA255mSolve Problems using Trial & Improvement Methods
NA265kSolve Quadratic Equations by Factorisation
NA285h 5iSolve Simultaneous Linear Equations
NA306aDescribe The nth term of a Sequence
NA316bUnderstand the Straight Line Equation y = mx + c
NA326cKnow when Lines are Parallel
NA336dUnderstand i) a Distance-Time Graph ii) a Velocity-Time Graph
NA346e 6fPlot Quadratics & Cubics
NA353a 6fUnderstand the Word Reciprocal, Plot the Reciprocal Function and
Recognise the Shape of the Graph of the Reciprocal Function
Your Turn & Acid Test Answers
Diagnostic Test
Diagnostic Test Answers
SS12f 3eCalculate lengths using Pythagoras' theorem
SS22gCalculate lengths & angles using trigonometry for right angled triangles
SS62g 4aDraw/Sketch/Interpret a Diagram using Bearings
SS72iCalculate the Surface Area of Prisms & Cylinders
SS82i 4dCalculate the Volume of Prisms & Cylinders
SS92hKnow basic Circle Properties Know & Use the Circle Theorems
The Circle Properties are:
i) that tangent and radii are perpendicular
ii) tangents from an external point are equal in length
iii) the perpendicular from the centre to a chord, bisects the chord
The Circle Theorems are:
i) angle subtended by an arc at the centre of a circle is twice the angle
subtended at any point on the circumference
ii) the angle subtended at the circumference by a semicircle is a right angle
iii) angles in the same segment are equal
iv) opposite angles of a cyclic quadrilateral sum to 180 degrees
SS124cDraw Basic Constructions
i) equilateral triangle
ii) perpendicular bisector
iii) the perpendicular from a point to a line
iv) the angle bisector
SS136hConstruct Basic Loci
i) The fixed distance from a single point : Circle
ii) The equidistance from two lines (or nearer to one line than another): Perpendicular Bisector
iii) The equidistance from two points (or nearer one point than another): Angle Bisector
iv) The fixed distance from a line: Race Track
SS143a 3bDescribe the Transformations; Reflections/Rotations/Translations
Notes: Rotation from any point & calculate the angle of rotation. Translation as a vector.
SS153c 3bDescribe & construct Enlargements of objects using positive & fractional scale factors
SS162gCalculate lengths in similar triangles
SS183dDecide if a Formula is a Perimeter, Area or Volume by considering Dimensions
SS194aCalculate Compound Measures like Speed & Density
SS204dConvert between Volume Measures including cm3 and m3
Your Turn & Acid Test Answers
Diagnostic Test
Diagnostic Test Answers
HD15f 4iRecognise Positive, Negative & Zero Correlation using lines of best fit.
Note also covered in this section is drawing lines of best fit.
i) Estimate Probability using Relative Frequency
ii) Use Tree Diagrams
HD32c 2dDescribe Random, Stratified Sampling,
Bias & Primary & Secondary Data
Tested via:
i) Identify possible sources of Bias
ii) Describe the difference between Primary & Secondary Data
HD44eBasic Statistical Calculations
Tested via:
i) Calculate the Mean for large data sets with Grouped Data
ii) Calculate the Median/Mode/Range for ungrouped data in a table
iii) Calculate Quartiles for ungrouped data. (Tabulated or not).
HD54fCalculate Moving Averages
HD64aProduce Cumulative Frequency Tables & Diagrams
HD74aInterpret or Draw Box Plots
Your Turn & Acid Test Answers

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